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Point of View


"Point of View" is about a moving perspective, flexible thoughts and the art of looking at an idea from the right angle and making it a reality. "The daily struggle for the best design and the filtering of one's own thoughts was the original idea for our installation. One of the most difficult — and at the same time most important — parts of the design process is to step back and see one's own creation from another angle," said the designer duo from Undpartner. Multiple 3D-printed rods with coloured markings stand in a wild, random arrangement inside a cube. However, if you move a few steps further and remain in the correct position, the coloured sections on the rods form a word — "reality" emerges from the tangle. A few steps further and "reality" disintegrates again into many individual parts. The work produced by Undpartner ranges from architecture to interior and product design.

Fotocredit: Kollektiv Fischka